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The Glass Slipper:

Smart Steps for Every Woman's Success in

Running Her Own Business

By: Shelley Peever and Layla Didmon



Women-led businesses in Canada as well as women in business are currently underserved and underestimated. 34% of all Canadian businesses are owned by women, and this percentage is growing twice as fast as for men.

Women have never done better in business than they are doing today. They are building more businesses, at a faster rate, than the world has ever seen before. And those businesses are succeeding.

The rise in number and importance of female entrepreneurs is the biggest business story of our age. It is in entrepreneurship that women find the freedom to build companies as they want them to be. Entrepreneurship allows them to articulate their values and shows them to be successful and profitable.

The Glass Slipper is a functional business guide specifically geared toward women in small and medium sized businesses. Each chapter is an integral part of an overall guide that will assist women in gathering information to apply to businesses of their own.

A case study section appears at the completion of each chapter. This provides a physical example of the tools and resources offered throughout the book. For example in the funding chapter, women are provided with the information and tools to help them succeed when approaching a financial institution for a loan or when approaching an investor for equity investment.


The Glass Slipper by Shelley Peever and Layla Didmon .124 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-262-2; Softcover: $24.95.


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