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"Youíre Hired....Youíre Fired!"

A Managerís Guide to Employee Supervision

By: Deborah L. Whitworth

A great read if you are a manager or a supervisor; even if it is only  for a day. Provides you with a step-by-step method of acquiring practical management skills. Deborah L. Whitworth, has been a human resource manager for over 20 years.  She believes that management isnít rocket science but a process.  144 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-146-1 softcover,  $24.95  MORE INFO


How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

A Step-by-Step Guide for Every Business


By: Julie Olley

A pre-designed workbook approach for businesses that wish to develop, implement, analyze and follow-up customer service projects. Step-by-step "HOW TO:" ideas and sample formats are included The suggestions can be implemented over time. Author, Julie Olley, was formerly National Manager of Quality Assurance with a major international travel organization. 160 pages, Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-045-6: $26.95.  MORE INFO   

Jump Start Your New Employees

Get the Most Out of New Hires 

From Their First Day on the Job!

By: Julie Olley

An organizational tool  with suggested steps to boost initial productivity of new employees.  64 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-084-4; $12.95.   MORE INFO   



Salary Administration

This book shows you how to implement a practical salary administration scheme for your employees. It is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format that you can easily adapt. It contains numerous examples, together with practical exercises to assist you in understanding the concepts involved.  164 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-085-3; softcover: $39.95      MORE INFO   






Shoplifting, Security, Curtailing Crime -  

Inside & Out


By: Don Lunny


If you are a shopkeeper or business owner, this practical, hands-on book will alert you to the alarming theft rates you may be exposed to. From petty theft, bad checks to armed robbery, you get advice on dealing with the situation and how to train staff. Discusses internal theft by employees - how you can recognize it and how to reduce it. If it alerts you to just one problem, it could pay for itself many, many times over. 115 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-0-920847-66-4: $29.95.     MORE INFO   






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