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The Internet Job Search Guide


By Cathy & Dan Noble











The Internet Job Search Guide is a thorough and comprehensive guide to finding employment opportunities using the Internet.


Over the past several years, thousands upon thousands of people have lost their jobs as a result of downsizing and business restructuring - and it appears that this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. As many displaced workers are finding, traditional methods of locating job opportunities are no longer as effective as they once were.


Job opportunities from across the country must be analysed in a timely fashion or the job seeker will loose out. Indeed, job openings can disappear overnight if people are not prepared to seek out and use new technology. The Internet Job Search Guide was written to meet this challenge. It contains a wealth of information about employment opportunities, resume assistance, career guidance and research, and networking.

The Internet Job Search Guide is an instructional book and job search manual for the electronic age. It features a step-by-step approach to using the Internet to assist in locating that elusive job. It contains hundreds of Internet addresses that cover a wide spectrum of employment opportunities. It is concise and easy to read. It will help both first-time Internet users as well as experienced net surfers.



Cathy Noble is a Financial Analyst for the Ontario Government. She specializes in writing policies and has several government manuals published on the Internet.


Dan J. Noble is a retired Canadian Forces Officer whose writing background spans over twenty years as a technical writer, specializing in Training and Development programs. Dan became a victim of the downsizing trend and is now Managing Editor for a small newspaper.


Dan and Cathy have written this book to help job seekers find hope and opportunities in a relatively untapped source - the Internet.



Chapter 1


What's Available in the Electronic World?

Why the Internet

Chapter 2

Accessing the Internet


Navigating the Internet

Search Engines

Common Search Engines



Internet Addresses


Chapter 3

Job Hunt

The On-line Job Search

Overview of the Process

On-line Schedule

Get Started On-line

What Are You Looking For?


Chapter 4




Converting Your Resume to an "ASCII" Text File

HTML Resume

Resume Scanning


Chapter 5

Posting Your Resume

Electronic Forms


Composing E-mail

Sending E-mail

Active Resume Posting

Resume Databases

Passive Resume Posting

Lack of Privacy

Bulk Resume Distribution

Job Banks

On-Line Application


Chapter 6


Discussion Groups

On-Line Career Fairs

Corporate Home Pages

Market Research


Chapter 7

Preparing for an Interview

Follow Up


Chapter 8


Appendix A

Sample Keyword Summaries (Job Category)

Sample Personal Trait Keywords

Sample Keyword Resume

Appendix B

Canadian Resources on the Internet

Employment Agencies

Career Management

Job Banks

Appendix C

Where to Look for Information on the Internet

Links to Employment Related Information

Career Management and Employment Resources

Web-Based Forums


Temporary Agencies

Specialty Job Hunting

Trade Specific

Other Considerations


Appendix D

Employment Agencies


Appendix E

Business Directory

The Internet Job Search Guide By Cathy & Dan Noble: 208 pages; Softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-63-6: $29.95.   



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