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Common Sense Ideas To Help  

Your Office Continuously Improve


By: Jim Thompson







Lean Production for the Office--Common Sense Ideas to Help Your Office Continuously Improve is for anyone who works in an office and seeks practical information on how to make your continuous improvement program a huge success.


Stop obsessing about benchmarking, and use your own and your team's creativity and ingenuity to leap-frog over your competition. Then let them benchmark you!


Lean Production for the Office teaches you how to make your office smarter - by focusing on the value-added elements while eliminating waste, and by replacing frustration with happiness.



Author, Jim Thompson, proves that lean production need not be intimidating. Lean Production for the Office is easy to read and provides a few laughs as well.


Jim Thompson studied lean production first hand as a member of the GM Technical Liaison Office with NUMMI (a GM/Toyota joint venture) in Fremont, California. It was there that he and his teammates began applying lean production techniques to the office environment.


He is now President of In*Sight Management, Inc, a lean production teaching and consulting firm located in Rochester, Michigan. He has also published three other books on lean production: The Lean Office--How to use Just-in-Time Techniques to Streamline Your Office, Lean Production-How to Use the Highly Effective Japanese Concept of Kaizen to Improve Your Efficiency and The Old Mission Academy-A Novel of One Charter School's Experiences Implementing Lean Education.


He holds a B.A., M.A., Ed.S. and M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.




Chapter 1 - Eliminating Waste

Chapter 2 - Kaizen Flow

Chapter 3 - Teaching Concepts

Chapter 4 - Lean Affects

Chapter 5 - Perfection

Appendix - The Seven Types of Waste




Lean Production for the Office - Common Sense Ideas to Help Your Office Continuously Improve: by Jim Thompson, 136 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55270-025-9; $24.95.   




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