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Modern Materials 

Management Techniques: 


A Complete Guide to Help You Plan, Direct and Control the Purchase, Production, Storage and Distribution of Goods in Today’s Competitive Business Environment..... Essentials of Supply Chain Management

By: Paula Mackie


Materials management is the process in which you plan, direct and control all phases of the acquisition of goods and services; from introduction to disposal, from suppliers to end users. Proper techniques are critical to the success of your organization; whether it be in the public or private sector. You are responsible for the management of funds and for ensuring that full value and benefit are received for the money spent.

This book will give you the opportunity to explore materials management as a profession. If you are already in the profession, it will help you enhance your skills and abilities and help you to improve your service performance.

Modern Materials Management Techniques is essential reading if you work in business, a government department or any other organization involved with procurement.

This Second Edition contains a new chapter on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Author, Paula Mackie, has over 20 years of experience in Material, Financial, Purchasing and Supply Management, both in the private and public sectors. She was also a Help Desk Analyst for the procurement requirements of a major Canadian Government department. With this book, she has created a hand-on, user-friendly package that helps you explore all aspects of Modern Materials Management Techniques.



Chapter 1: An Introduction to Material Management

Chapter 2: Information Retrieval

Chapter 3: Item Management

Chapter 4: Inventory and Supply Management

Chapter 5: Manufacturing/Repair Verses Buy

Chapter 6: Procurement

Chapter 7: Procurement Clauses

Chapter 8: Contracts

Chapter 9: Sourcing

Chapter 10: Solicitations and Proposals

Chapter 11: Selection of Contractor/Supplier

Chapter 12: Contract Award

Chapter 13: Distribution Systems

Chapter 14: Hasteners/Amendments

Chapter 15: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Modern Materials Management Techniques: SECOND EDITION   A Complete Guide to Help You Plan, Direct and Control the Purchase, Production, Storage and Distribution of Goods in Today's Competitive Business Environment.....Essentials of Supply Chain Management by: Paula Mackie 398 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-257-4 softcover,  $74.95

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