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Can You Make Money with Your Idea or Invention?


By: Don Lunny


Can you Exploit it? Is the idea original? How to produce it. How to distribute it. Can you make money? Can you protect it? Where to get help. A word about patents. Industrial Design Trademarks. Copyright. First steps. Points of caution. Possible problems. Patent applications. What are your chances? Sample licensing agreement 99 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-0-920847-65-7: $24.95 MORE INFO   






Protect Your Intellectual Property


An International Guide to Patents,  

Copyrights and Trademarks


By: Hoyt L. Barber & Robert M. Logan


An abundance of information on step-by-step procedures to obtain exclusive protection for unique ideas, inventions, names, identifying marks, or artistic, literary, musical, photographic or cinematographic works. 305 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-95-7; $59.95.  MORE INFO 




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