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Take Control of Your Money

Success Starts With the Opportunity 

to Plan for the Rest of Your Life

(American Edition)


By: Donald J. Davison





How This Book Will Help You


You have needs and wants. But the way in which you manage your time and money depends on your stage in life (single, married, divorced, working, retired, etc.) together with your value system. It is up to you to take a long look at yourself and decide if you want to control your lifestyle or not. If you do then read this book.


Reading Take Control of Your Money can help you to:


1. Identify your values and needs

2. Make budgeting work for you

3. Take the stress out of trying to get ahead

4. Expand your lifestyle effectively

5. Provide the freedom to plan your future

6. Draw a clearer picture of your retirement

Fictitious characters--that represent a cross section of society--are introduced to illustrate their needs and wants during each stage of this book. You might see yourself in one of these personal categories and be able to adapt their solutions to your own situation.

When author, Donald J. Davison, retired from finance and banking, he went through the usual headaches of trying to turn his own life around after a divorce and being retired long before he had planned.

This change of life led him through being a real estate agent, to conducting seminars and counseling government employees on financial planning for retirement and eventually to providing financial counseling to 3,500 insolvent families.


These experiences taught him a lot about himself as a single parent, a senior and as a survivor. Helping others became a natural extension.


You owe it to yourself to learn from his experiences and... Take Control of Your Money "Success starts with having the opportunity to plan for the rest of your life."


Dennis B. Sullivan, Esq., JD, LLM, CPA


Dennis has over 23 years of service to individuals, businesses and professionals. He is a Fellow of the Esperti Peterson Institute of Wealth Strategies Planning, has an MBA from the Sloan School of Business, MIT, A Masters of Laws in Taxation from Boston University's School of Law, a J.D., cum laude from Suffolk University Law School and a B.S., summa cum laude from Suffolk University.

Mr. Sullivan has co-authored two books on Estate and Wealth Strategies Planning, is a contributing editor and reviewer for Conspectus Current, the Estate and Wealth Strategies Journal of Articles and practice tools, has written many articles and has conducted a variety of professional education courses.

Kathleen Kirleis, J.D., CPA

Kathleen has over ten years of service to individuals, businesses and professionals.

She is a graduate of Suffolk University Law School, J.D., cum laude and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, B.S., magna cum laude.


Ms. Kirleis practices in tax, business and estate planning. She speaks to professional, business and non-profit audiences for CPA's and financial and estate planners. Both Dennis and Kathleen are located in Wellesley, MA..

Richard D. Smith Jr., CPA, CFP

Rick concentrates his practice on the financial and estate planning needs of real estate related business owners and their families through his association with the 128 Alliance Agency of MetLife in Waltham, MA..


In addition to his CPA and CFP designations, Mr. Smith is an NASD Registered Representative of MetLife Securities, a Chartered Life Underwriter, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Registered Health Underwriter, and a Registered Employee Benefits Consultant .


Mr. Smith has a Masters of Science in Taxation from Bentley College and a B.Sc, magna cum laude, in Accounting and Computer Science from Boston College. Prior to starting his own real estate business, Rick was an audit senior and tax specialist for KPMG Peat Marwick.


Rick was responsible for finding and working with the two real life cases of "Jennifer" and "Jake " whose budgets had a great influence on the cases in this book.

Rick resides in Framingham, MA, with his wife and three children.



Stage 1: Today's Needs

Stage 2: Controlling Your Cash

Stage 3: Investing In Yourself

Stage 4: Protecting Yourself

Stage 5:Controlling Your Debts

Stage 6: Minimizing Your Taxes

Stage 7: Maximizing Your Savings

Stage 8: Stabilizing Your Estate

Stage 9: Tomorrows Needs






Instructions for the worksheets




Take Control of Your Money by Donald J. Davison: 260 pages; Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-080-8: $39.95



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